Basically my best friend Paige yesterday got her ass handled, by this girl Jacci.
The thing is Jacci is under 5ft.
Paige was wasted.
Jacci thought she had the upper hand.
Results Paiges face messed up.

Would been there if my phone wasnt on silent and I didnt hear it going off!

your hair looks dope!


Do you think it's ok to fuck a complete stranger?

Well obviously people do it daily, its called a “One Night Stand”.
But if it were me, um ew no thanks. (:

Dark hair, don’t care(:
Tell me what you guys think!!
your blog is really cool, im from brazil do you have msn ?

I do but I dont remmeber my stuff… SORRY!

Skipped my second class today!
too late(:
Goodmorning Followers(:

cut my hair today! posting a picture soon(: